What is VSys O-GRADE

A fruit ripeness grading system which used computer vision application in agriculture quality inspection to ensure ripeness category of fruit characterized in that, the fruit ripeness categories are ripe, under-ripe, over ripe, rotten and unripe.


Our Solutions Benefit

With VSys O-GRADE, brings into your business these real benefits

  • Improve the quality of FFB received at the mills.
  • Improve the efficiency of oil and kernel extraction rates (OER) in the mills.
  • Improve the quality of Malaysian Crude Palm Oil (CPO)
  • Fair deals between suppliers and millers during transaction

Key Features

Analysis Parameters

Typical segregation of the fruit is based on ripe, over ripe or under ripe.

Categories are trainable to match and follow the local fruit bunch species.

Automated calculation of the price for the batch based on local formula.

Customization Capabilities

The mechanical design can be customized suit the factory’s need.

The segregation can be extended into conveyors.

The results can be sent to databases for future tracking and auditing.

Measurement Parameters

Photo sensor detect fruit on conveyor.

GigE camera for capture fruit surface.

Inline weighing of the fruit to provide the average weight for the batch as well as individual weight.

Sensors to detect the fruit sizes.

System Improvement

Faster processing (target rate is 2 secs per fruit bunch) allow every FFB to inspected.

Consistent results as the FFB’s are inspected under controlled condition.

Higher accuracy.

Automated sorting based on the ripeness.